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CRM Software for service management

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Customer Relationship Management

Service management software offers a range of features including incident creation, RMA workflow, contract renewal, SLA, customer management, preventive maintenance, technician’s travel claims, and many more.

CRM Prominent Features

Incident management

When an incident occurs at an ATM, the software automatically raises a ticket. The ticket is automatically allocated to the right service personal. Ticket allocation can be manual, automated or semi-automated using Google Maps and real time GPS tracking.

  • Real time Status monitoring and allocation
  • Checking availability of engineers and technicians
  • Track of call history

Escalation and Notification

The Escalation and Notification module is user configurable and can be customized according to any requirement. The software can generate escalation mails and notifications whenever necessary. The escalation can also be sent as SMS messages.

  • Organization Hierarchy can be defined for the escalation mails that need to be triggered.
  • Any event can be marked for notification and the trigger is fired accordingly
  • Routine ‘End of Day’ reports can be mailed to configured users


Once the ticket is raised and allocated, the next activity begins. The problem has to be identified and passed onto the right service personal that will be able to sort out the issue. When the technician is available, the system auto-generates Preventive Maintenance Call and assigns to him.

  • Completely automated or semi-automated based on your requirement.
  • Mobile application helps in tracking engineer’s movement
  • Allocating the call based on the engineer’s current location.

Spare management

When the service personal receives the incident ticket, he rushes to the right site to sort out the issue. In case the problem requires RMA or Spare, then he will initiate the workflow process. After the right approval process with proper notification and escalation, the spare are dispatched.

  • Configure RMA based on the agreement signed with the customer.
  • The service person can scan or take a photo and upload it to the system.
  • Complete workflow can be configured for the RMA

SLA management

One of the most important features of service management is SLA adherence. When you are managing a customer you will be dealing with numerous challenges. Therefore, you should ensure that the SLA you sign with them and you meet the terms of agreement you sign with the customers.

  • Customized to manage different types of SLAs with ease.
  • Each customer can have a different SLA depending on the distance and place
  • It also keeps track of the expenses and raises bills or invoice.

Account Management

When you’re dealing with multiple customers spread across the geography, it is a tad bit difficult to keep track of what hardware is installed in which place. It helps manage installation, site details, TAT, warranty details, service requirements, and other details.

  • Maintain part database for each customer separately.
  • Configure Installation workflow based on check-lists.
  • Trigger escalation & notification on pending installations.

Preventive Maintenance

Many customers will have multiple devices. All these appliances have to be checked at regular intervals to ensure optimum performance rather than wait till they break down to service them.

  • Configure Preventive Maintenance Schedules on regular intervals
  • Auto trigger these calls and allocate them to available technicians
  • Configure not to include these calls as a part of SLAs


One problem that we all face are keeping track of all their service people. When there is a problem in a particular ATM, the administrator has to identify the service person closest to the location. Our software program can be installed on the smartphone that the service person can carry that can help the administrator track.

  • Use GPS to provide location and for allocation of tickets.
  • Automatically update the status on their phone and move on to another location.
  • Monitor the technicians effectively real time

Travel Claims or Conveyance Management

The mobility option also makes it easy to cross verify the travel claims submitted by the service people. The software calculates the distance travelled by the service people each day and consolidates it on the dashboard. The system administrator just has to cross check it with the claim to pass it for payment.

  • Accurately calculate the distance travelled by the technicians
  • Configure the distance travel claims eligible for the technicians
  • Prepare the claim form as the company’s specifications & formats

Customer Portal

Our software program can be configured to provide a portal for the customers where they can keep track of the jobs and various reports. This module can be configured, so that the customers can view just one or many assets based on the needs.

  • Assign customers to check the online status of the tickets
  • Mobile Dashboard is available for the customers to view the summary at a glace
  • Real data is available 24/7 for the customers to view anytime

Graphical Reports & Dashboard

Business intelligence tools are used to generate bulk reports and process outputs. Our CRM also has a pre-processed report option, which allows to generate bulk report and save it in excel or .csv format. The report manager tool comes in handy for generating user-defined reports.

  • Pareto Charts are available for any data analysis
  • Data can be given the option of drag-drop to see the impact
  • Dashboard available as an app pulls data from the server real time

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